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Photography and Videography – Green Screen Studios

Our Green Screen is set up in Studio 3 but can be moved to other studios if required. Studio 3 is well-suited to talking head or straightforward photo shoots. The studio is 4.9m x 5.9 with the green screen on the longer wall. The screen itself is 6m wide by 3m high.
Prices start at $15 per hour.
Prior booking is essential as the screen may need tightening and this is normally done the day before.

Contact Alan on 0211722136 if you need a bigger space to work in.

Note that you will need to provide suitable lighting for your project we do not have Kino lights, diffusers etc. etc.

Case Study – 2018 West Coast Swing Dance Rally Video

In September each year, on a given day, the international community of West Coast Swing dancers perform a short choreographed routine. Originally in the style of a ‘flash mob’ the name was changed to an International Rally. Everyone videos their performance and sends it to the rally center in France.

The green screen was clipped to one of the beams in the Ballroom and stretched between two poles also attached to the beam. As there was no time or budget to hire a suitable lighting rig we relied on daylight to provide illumination of the set.


swingFX were not able to perform their entry on the scheduled Saturday but planned to film it in a public park on the following day. Unfortunately it was raining so it was filmed in front of a green screen in the Ballroom.  

Filming was done on Android mobile phones and a Canon SX150 IS. The camera frame was adjusted to the edges of the screen and after a few takes there it was in the can. The best clip was selected and a section extracted. An intro and outro were added to reach the final result.  

Fun Photos

Take some photos in front of our green screen and the replace the background with another scene shot or video. Here’s one some of our folk did one night. The fire was added afterwards.

Green screen studio hire starts from $15 per hour. Call Alan on 0211722136 to discuss your project requirements and schedule.

Alternatively email or use the form on the home page to arrange an appointment to discuss the options available.