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Ballet Class for Adults – Beginners

Wednesday, 7:30 – 8:45 in Studio 2

Come and join in the fun and have a go.

Why should I learn ballet at my age?

Recent research is showing that exercise, particularly dance, is beneficial for general health and well-being and there is a worldwide trend of adults trying ballet for the first time. While classes are usually group classes what you do is about working on yourself. Ballet particularly emphasises building core strength and strengthening legs, ankles and feet. Moving to music encourages creativity and is also shown to improve memory.
A notable effect is that posture improves, as does balance, both of which help reduce the possibility of falls.

It’s marvelous to feel your strength and balance improve.

Who is this class for?

This class is for adults who have never done ballet before, an ideal opportunity to try something new.
It is also a basics refresher if you have done ballet before but haven’t danced for ages.

How much is the class?

$10 for the 1-hour class. You can pay per session.

When can I start?

You can start at any time and come when you can. We encourage regular attendance to get the most benefit but we also know life interferes.

What happens in class?

Each class starts with the basic ballet exercises to build strength, balance, and coordination and finishes with work on a short choreography. Each class is 1 hour.

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes and in winter wear layers that you can remove as you warm up.
You can dance in socks if you don’t want to get ballet shoes.

I haven’t done much exercise lately, how hard is the class?

No pressure, you can learn at your own pace with a group of others at the same level.
While it is tempting to go all-out it is important to work at your own pace and build gradually.
If you are starting exercise for the first time it is wise to check with your doctor before starting.

What if I can’t do it or make mistakes?

Again – no pressure! Give yourself permission to try again and don’t worry about mistakes, we call them ‘variations’. Sometimes our ‘variations’ are not quite what we want so we just keep working at it and over time we make the changes we desire.

Am I too old to start?

There is no upper age limit, we have one senior in his 70’s who only started a 18 months ago

Is the class only for women?

The class is open to all and was originally started by four men. Over the last year we have frequently had more men in the class than women.

Who is our instructor?

Our instructor is Lauren McMillan. Lauren started ballet when she was 3. She has just started teaching our class and has replaced Sarah who moved to Hawke’s Bay not long before lockdown. 

Still have questions?

You are welcome to come to the class and meet us and have a chat.

We would love to see you next Wednesday!